Thursday, May 12, 2011

In Which I Reveal (Part of) My Stash

Here it is:
I can explain.  Really, all of what you see was purchased (most likely) with a birthday/Christmas gift card(s) and was purchased with a particular pattern in mind.  But I can only knit so fast, and then six months later I'm discovering quite a bit of yarn tucked away into nooks and crannies.

Let me show you what I have in mind:

So, this red I ordered last spring (I think) during the Webs April/May sale (which is going on now). I was originally going to knit the Inca Marl Ruffled Coat, but it turned into another Francis.  And since Francis only needed half the yarn, I can make another red sweater.  Right now I'm leaning toward this, but I don't have really strong feelings about it.

Next, I ordered this lovely green to make the Jali Cardigan.  But I could always be persuaded to make something else.

This navy Lopi has been languishing for over a year.  Seriously, last year I ordered maybe five skeins.  Then about six months later I ordered another four skeins.  Evidently I wanted to make something I may make this into a long-sleeved Shalom cardi.  With this yarn, I want to make a "throw it on over everything because it's chilly in the house" type of sweater.  Again, not married to the Shalom--I've already mentally knit and frogged several sweaters with this yarn.

Now, this one, I am seriously committed to this pattern.  It is true love.  It is my Mount Everest of cables, and I simply must have it.  I also have strong feelings about the color. 

You may wonder why I am showing you all this delicious, warm wool just as we're heading into summer?  I am challenging myself to knit one sweater between now and September, and I'm inviting you to join me in a knitalong.  Just one sweater, with four-plus months to work on it!  Do you see a pattern you love?  Do you have any suggestions for a different one?

And lest you think I've gone off the deep end with selfish sweater knitting, there is quite a stash that I haven't shown you.  I am joining in Kristyn's ADVENTure this year--and I've ordered many skeins for that, too!

This is the first project for the ADVENTure.  The nieces and nephews will be getting cowls this year--and maybe some crazy mitts made from all my leftover half-skeins of yarn.  There will also be scarves for some of the grown relatives as well.  I plan on packing those smaller projects along for car trips and poolside afternoons this summer.

That was a LOT of linky love for a Thursday!  So now that I showed you mine, show me your stash.  What do you have planned for the needles for this summer, and are you game for a knitalong?

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~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

You and I must be soul-sisters. Your stash could be my stash! Have you ever gone to Webs? When my daughter was at a summer program in Massachusetts, I stopped. So much yarn. So much to love!