Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday again

I'm finding that having a camera on the blink just kills my blogging mojo.    My 365 project is now going to be more like "283".  Oh well.  Last week I found a book at the library that was full of red, white and pink Christmas decorations.

I went to Joann's, and for a couple of days this week, my dining room table looked like this:
 And this:
 And this.
I love that red-and-white homespun in a way that probably isn't normal. . .

Other than that, I've been slowly knitting.  And I'm in a funk about my own Christmas sweater.  Actually, it was going to be my Birthday sweater, but that is not going to happen.  Last January, I bought the pattern for this.  In August, I purchased the yarn (it's Deep Red).  I was going to knit this sweater for Christmas, maybe my birthday if I finished it early enough.  Now I'm running out of time and am looking at other patterns.  I truly love this (in much the same way as I love that homespun fabric), but I don't think I'll be able to complete it in time for Christmas.  So now I'm contemplating this.  And I'm thinking that it could become a Valentine's project if I really run out of time. 

What I need to do is stop taking on new projects!  Those Christmas decorations are not finished.  The nieces' mittens are not finished.  The nephews' hat and mittens are not even started, and I'm contemplating knitting a scarf and a throw blanket as Christmas gifts.  Those Christmas lights I started a month ago?  I have three of them.  Do you see a pattern here?  I think I have Seasonal ADD.  It's time to get realistic.  How about I come back on Monday with a realistic game plan?  What are you doing for your holiday crafting?  Are you on schedule, or are you (like me) easily distracted?   


dodi said...

ha!! I literally laughed out loud at your "seasonal ADD" comment.

Please know you're not alone. I have a wish list of things I want to make that could keep me busy on a daily basis from now 'til 2013. Some are printed and materials bought. Others are just saved under my favorites in the computer (Lord, help me, if that thing ever crashes!)

I look forward to seeing how you are going to plan yours out. I could use a few good pointers! :)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I'm all for dreaming about new projects. I have a list a mile long -- but I have so much underway too. It's a little scary with the big deadline approaching. Remember -- deep breaths!

Kristyn Knits said...

I have to admit, my year long ADVENTure has been one big blessing! I still see projects I'd love to do (and restraint has never been one of my strengths) but I continue to start and finish one at a time (at least for this year). And you will too! One. project. at. a. time.

Larissa said...

Love the red, white and pink holiday decorations. I'm adding pink and gold to all the hanukkah blue this year too. I'm not the least bit on schedule but i'm somehow calm this year - totally not in my type A perfectionist nature. We're decorating with what we have, baking a ton, and i'm making a few gifts but i'm buying the rest this year.

Have i missed your birthday? i know it's just before mine - and mine is coming up in a month. Hope you take the time to knit that sweater for yourself!