Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here are the kids with my grandfather on Easter morning. They're all fired up about chocolate bunnies.
These are the people I grew up with. My brother is NOT crossing his eyes in this photo. That is a minor milestone for us--he likes to cross his eyes and make faces in family pictures. At least once, a relative of Rob's has seen family pictures like that and wondered aloud whether Mike was "special." Oh, he is so very special...(*giggle*)

Here is Mike with his Special Lady Friend, Katrina. We finally got to meet her. I think we all took her aside at some point and warned her never to go anywhere with my father when he says, "come on go with me."

I was lucky enough to get to take home some of my grandmother's old books. Here they are. My Grandma liked to put things in her books--recipes from the paper, old letters, etc.
When I opened the Gardening book, I found this:

This is from my third grade Christmas program in 1978. How awesome is that!

I'll have more treasures to share another day!

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Meredith said...

Happy belated Easter! I love the pics...

On a notes and such note, my mom had a recipe in her recipe box from a friend that has a note on the back congratulating her on being pregnant...with me! I love that one!!