Thursday, September 4, 2008

Step into my workshop

Remember these? These were quilt blocks that I started back in ...May? They've been pieced together for a couple of months. I have to stay-stitch around the edges of all 35 blocks, and that's not something I'm excited about doing. So they've been gathering dust...until next week. Next week I'm going to have to start back up. This quilt is going to be a Christmas present for Bobby. Here's a preview:
As I uploaded this picture I noticed that the bottom left block isn't aligned correctly--it should be flipped so that the red part forms a diamond. You get the idea.

I waited for what seemed like an eternity for Sandi Henderson's new fabric line to go on sale. It's called Farmer's Market, and it's just so yummy! I finally ordered a bunch--both girls will also be getting quilts for Christmas.

Here is a preview of Caitlin's. It's going to be a series of nine-patch blocks. I'm using thrifted sheets for the solid patches.

And the design for Caroline's is going to be blocks that are made up of strips of different fabrics. I saw a similar one on Old Red Barn Co. over the summer and decided that it would be a simple pattern to do. I'm going to incorporate some solids into this--it's a queen size quilt and doing the whole thing in Farmer's Market would be too expensive. The gingham fabrics are thrifted sheets. I'll look for more thrifted sheets but will probably just go with some solid cotton.
Look at this fabric! It's so beautiful. I don't think I could choose just one favorite from the collection.
My knitting projects are coming along. I'm on the second panel for the poncho. That has been pretty easy. It's just a large block of knitting. I've finished another hat and am about to start some fingerless gloves.

I'll be spending lots of time creating this fall! I look forward to it. What are you creating?


Amy said...

The quilt blocks look great so far! Good luck finishing. Hmmm...I am working on this and that right now- nothing really substantial. Hopefully I can change that soon!

Meredith said...

Gorgeous!!! You have lovely taste...

amandajean said...

I love those fabrics soooooooo much!