Monday, September 15, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Or is it just me? I turned off the AC, because it's only supposed to get up to 82 today (and we'll be out a dance class this afternoon). And the crock pot in the kitchen is putting out more heat than I thought it would. But, Lord help me, I'm sitting here about to break into a full-on sweat! TMI? Is 37 too young for hot flashes? Deep breaths. And maybe a tall glass of ice water...
On Friday, I went to my favorite thrift store. And it was Vintage Pyrex Wonderland there! Since I only had $20 on me (and since I was supposed to be using that money for other things...ahem), I bought three items. Here's what $13.00 will get you:

They are new patterns for me. I love the yellow and white ones together. The large yellow one is currently holding potato salad for tonight's dinner.
It's another crazy Monday here. I've already mailed out my apron swap package, so that's no longer hanging over my head. In about twenty minutes, I have to go pick up Bobby and then pick up the girls. At 4:30, Caitlin has dance and at 7, I have back to school night for Caitlin. The sitter I called for tonight has not returned either of my calls, so a neighbor is going to juggle her three and my three for an hour tonight--God bless her! All the other neighbors have first graders! I'll have dinner either before I dash off to school or after the back to school night--you know, around 8:30, when Rob finally gets home from work! Where was my ice water?


Meredith said...

When in hot flash doubt, stick your head int the freezer. I hate hot flashes! Mine started a few years back and have intensified...I hope it was just the heat for you and not the flashes yet!

Score on the pyrex front!! That blue bowl I believe is a rare one to find out and about. They're all lovely!!

Amy @ Park City Girl said...

Nice finds! Potato salad sound really good too :) Hope you get to settle in sooner than later ~

CAB said...

Oooh, I really like the blue/white one!