Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Tour around the Tree

Here is our tree in all its glory!

We bought this ornament in Cape May--we usually try to get one from our vacation each year.

And this commemorates our trip to Seattle last June.

This is our star--I just love it! When I was a toddler, I used to call stars, "dars." With a story that cute, you have to put a dar on top!

I have several Snoopy ornaments. This one is the nicest. The children have managed to break several of my other Snoopy ornaments. After the second or third one went down last year, I called an abrupt halt to tree decorating. Then I ran out to Target in search of plastic ornaments. That's pretty much all I'll let the kids do now. I put up the breakables.

This is the last Snoopy I have from a set of three--the other two crashed to the tile floor last year. I still have them, they just have to be glued back together.

Here is a soft one that I'll let the kids hang up.
And here is my other childhood idol.

If you've ever lived in or visited Chattanooga--or even driven through Eastern Tennessee and seen "See Rock City" painted on a barn.

This is engraved "Christmas 2002." I bought it to commemorate Caitlin's birth. It does ring, and I want Caitlin to learn the line from "It's a Wonderful Life" about "every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." She would sound exactly like the girl in the movie!

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