Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goals for Fall

I get excited at Back to School time; it's another January, but with much better weather.  I think this is a much more exciting time to set goals because I feel more energetic in September than in January.  Here are some things I'm aiming to accomplish this fall:

Around the House

We had our foyer and hallways painted last week, and we had to take down all of our photos.  I want to re-work the arrangements and put them back up for us to admire.

We broke down and purchased a charcoal grill.  We agree that charcoal grilling is really a weekend activity, so I am making sure that my menu planning includes some weekend grilling.

I want to purchase some mums to display on our front steps.

Here are some goals I've already accomplished since coming up with this list:
Sew curtains for the sunroom.
Menu plan for the next few weeks.

I want to post at least three times a week.
I want to plan my content at least two weeks ahead.


This fall, I am going to re-read all six of Jane Austen's novels. I'm starting with Northanger Abbey and Mansfield Park, because those are the two I've read the least.

I want to read one book per month about the craft of writing.


I am going to save up for a netbook.  If I get really ambitious, I may go for a full laptop.  I am the last one in line for the computer around here, and while the kindle is great for reading blogs, it is not good for typing.

Knit a sweater to wear at Rhinebeck this year (using the yarn I bought last year, of course)
Knit Christmas gifts for the nieces and nephews
Do one service project a month
Keep up 10,000 steps a day
Go to one high school football game
Take the dog to Bobby's baseball games
Give blood in November
So how about you?  What is on your list of goals for this fall?

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