Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Assorted Fun

So I post, and then two-plus weeks go by!  Such is life in the springtime.  What have we been doing?
There were silly pictures before a school dance.

And then there were braces for a soon-to-be-13-year-old!

Baby goats in the middle of all of this seems about right.
 (It was the annual fair at the local college.  There were also baby ducks, baby chicks, and a baby Holstein calf that I really, really wanted to bring home with me.)

And finally, there was a quick trip to Chicago for Rob and me!
And now we're home for the foreseeable future, and there is plenty to be done around here.

There are half-painted rooms to finish up.  Preferably before we start painting other rooms.

The garden has been completely neglected so far this year.  I'm afraid we've missed the window for planting spinach and broccoli, but that means there's more room for tomatoes! 

This is our first year in seven years that we do not have a dance recital.  I'm a little sad about that; I always enjoyed the recitals.

And it's time to start planning a birthday party for a certain young lady.

I'll be back--in less than two-plus weeks--with a goals update.

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