Monday, May 7, 2012

Day off!

Today was a rare treat for me--a Monday off from work.   This day off has allowed me to indulge in a little dreamy/practical time today.

Some of the practical:

Laundry, of course.  I have decided to try to do one non-clothing load of laundry each day this week.  I usually do all the sheets, towels, napkins, dishcloths, etc, in one marathon day, but that just leaves me feeling so tired by the end.  If I can just do one a day...maybe we'll be able to get in and out of the house by Thursday.

The post office.  Finishing those nagging chores is so nice!

Mammogram. Only about a week overdue.  But done.

And the Dreamy?

Number one on my list today was a pedicure.  I haven't had one in years, but after all that walking in London, my poor feet desperately needed some attention.  The most time-consuming part of the pedicure was choosing a color.  This is Raspberry, and it looks much darker than it did in the bottle. I'll go a little lighter next time...because there will be a next time!

 The next thing I did today was catch up on some TV viewing during lunch.  I watched an episode of Castle from a couple of weeks ago.  Always entertaining. 

And tonight I'm going to watch another episode of Sherlock--I found the first season at the library.  It was great fun to see the London landmarks during the opening credits.

But before my viewing party tonight, I have a few hours of intensely practical to attend to--homework, dance lessons, cub scouts.  And somewhere in there, dinner.

Happy Monday!

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stitching under oaks said...

need to get a pedicure myself...I gave myself one the other night. It's getting warm and my toes were in need of some love! Enjoy your days...sounds like you have lots of good stuff going on! I think about you when I see the Philly's playing on tv! We're really into baseball here this year! Go NATS! he he