Friday, January 7, 2011

Derby Surprise

Last night was the Pinewood Derby for Bobby's Cub Scout Pack.  Rob and Bobby have been working hard over the past few weeks to create the car.  There were many trips to the hobby shop and the hardware store.  Books were checked out from the library.  Many coats of paint were applied.

 After I almost sent the precious car crashing into the refrigerator, I was banned from touching it.  When we arrived last night, Rob was getting tips from other dads (like glue the axels or they'll pop out during the races) and adding weights.  When he wasn't camped out in front of a scale, he was applying more graphite powder to the wheels.  This was serious business.
 The boys just ran around the cafeteria.  Until race time.  Then all eyes were on the track.  That super-shiny black car on the right is Bobby's.
 It was also pretty fast.  Bobby placed second among the Tiger Cubs, and third place overall!
 Rob is already planning next year's car.
Congrats to the Evans men!


Kristyn Knits said...

Yeah for the father-son team!! Mark created a few cars with Spencer. I love remembering those moments each time I look at the cars.

Larissa said...

oh, how awesome when all that hard work pays off in a win! Congratulations to your guys!