Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy, happy

Christmas 2010 is now in the books.  This room is a complete mess now.

 Here they go, ready to attack some wrapping paper.

All the nieces and nephews wearing their handmade goodies.

We really didn't get all that much snow.  Once the winds kicked up, most of the snow blew off our lawn and across the street.  Not fun for sledding, but pretty to look at.

I started a sweater.  After I tried this on, I decided to frog it.  It puckered at the raglan increases, and I could tell I was going to have big holes in the armpits when I started the sleeves.  The beauty of knitting is that I can stop mid-sweater and undo it!

See, I decided to make a cabled tube top instead!

And the paperwhites are blooming!
I wish you all a very happy new year.  See you in 2011.

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stitching under oaks said...

happy New year Meg...looks like a great Chrismas. Love all your gifts stacked so neatly and wrapped so wonderfully. Can't wait to see your new sweater take's going to be a great year!