Friday, December 17, 2010

Catch up

Hey there.  What's the quickest, most fun way to catch up?  Pictures, of course!  Here we go!

The Next-to-last set!  For my 16 year old nephew.  I wish you could see the hat in person.  So much texture going on--cables, seed stitch.  I may make one for myself.  And those mitts.  Simple and fun.
The "keeping it real" department.  Laundry is threatening to take over--but really, when is it not about to take over--it's always just in different stages: dirty, clean but not folded, folded but not put away... you get the picture.
 We tried hanging this pine garland outside.  The command adhesive hooks did not want to cooperate (I wouldn't want to hang out in twenty degrees, either.), so it came inside.  Looks festive, don't you think?
 Hey--this is the last pair of mittens!!!  The first one is done (except the thumb), and I'm on the second one.  Please, do not let me take on four sets of stranded hats and mittens again.  It nearly did me in this year.
 This is where I like to spend my afternoons.  At one-thirty or two, this is the warmest place in the house.  If I had a cat, this would be the cat's favorite place.
 This morning, I played with sugar and dough.  Always fun.
 Then I packed these up and went to the post office. Less fun, but now it's done!
 And then I started cutting some fabric.  I figure if I cut some now, I can take my time and have it ready for next Christmas!
And that's what I'm doing in between class parties and dance lessons and Girl Scout meetings.  Rob is off all next week, so my computer time will be limited...but I'll try to pop back in here at least one more time. 


Meredith said...

You are so productive!! I am in awe.

I hope this next week is a good one. Matt will be home too.

I loved the picture of the kids in the Christmas card!!

aracne said...

I love the hat, the cables are awsome. Laundry? What is this?

stitching under oaks said...

you have been the busy little elf this holiday season! all your hats and mitten sets will be wonderfully received! Have a great last week before Christmas! (thanks for the great Christmas card too!....your kids are so cute!)

Larissa said...

That is the perfect boy hat! maybe if i knit my guys something that cute (i mean manly) they would actually wear it. i love your house - so many windows and light streaming in from all directions. our little ranch house is so dark but i'm totally feeling that this may be our year to find our new abode.

Love that you're cutting out for next year - we're making a star garland for next years hanukkah too. Have a wonderful week and a merry christmas to you!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I think of all our houses look like this right about now. With one more kid at home, my laundry load seems to have doubled (is that possible?). I would sit myself down on that couch and stay kaput all afternoon. It looks like a lovely spot. Literally -- hats off to you for finishing all those hat and mitten projects.