Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts for a Tuesday

I'm still here...trying to dig out from the mess that is Spring Break when the kids are home. 

I need and want to Spring Clean, but can't seem to motivate myself to actually start.

The six-year-old Coach's Pitch season begins tonight--if we don't get a rainout.

The next eight Saturdays have something on the schedule--mostly baseball.  Which I totally love.

I just spent $65 yesterday for the doctor to tell me that the strange "rash" on Caroline's scalp was indeed the paint that she had spray painted on her head at the spring fair.  Three weeks ago.  I haven't told Rob yet.  That one is going to be embarrassing.

(Of course I have washed her hair since the fair...but you all knew that.)

How in the world did we get to the last reporting period of the school year?


dodi said...

your thoughts and pics could so easily find their way right to where I am, physically and mentally, as well. You'll get it all done. Just take it one room at a time... :)

Larissa said...

I totally get you - my guys went back to school today and the first thing i did was load up the minivan and head for the dump with all the trash that they created and that we brought back from our trip. I cannot wait to see what you are sewing - are those quilt blocks!?! Our next eight saturdays are filled with taekwondo and swimming. And I know that things are looking up over at your place because you have cake on your counter and you have a countertop in your kitchen - an island no less. We have two 18" spans of counter in between the appliances in our kitchen and i so wish that something cute, reasonably priced, and with a big kitchen came on the market out here in our neck of the woods where 3/4 of the people still live in a double wide. Love all your messes and happy Tuesday to you, lady!

Kristyn Knits said...

looks like life is treating you well. lots of living going on on that table! and baseball is starting for us too. with two different teams and two different schedules it should be really crazy around here for a long while. I'm with you on the end of school in just 63 days?what???

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Ha -- been there with the wasted doctor trips. I once took my son because half of his stomach was darker. Turns out someone put sunscreen on half of the poor baby and the other half got tanned. Seriously, I thought my child was two-toned.

Spring cleaning takes a lot of motivation to get started -- but I find once I start, I can't stop. You just gotta find that mojo!

stitching under oaks said...

I'm thinking that your table is covered in life! It looks so full of all the wonderful things that are making this season of your life so awesome. by the way, what kind of cake is in that container? I had to take Molly the dog to the vet the other day...110 dollars later I am told she's got allergies and is on meds...ugggh! hang in there girl....it looks about the same over here too!