Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April

Hello, again.  It seems that time keeps getting away from me, and the next thing I know, another week has gone by since my most recent post.  What have I been doing?

Coming up with more ideas of things to do or make than there are hours in the day;

failing miserably at any sort of menu planning (pasta again?);

sewing little projects that I can't seem to get out of my mind;

finishing big projects; (I'll share more on this one in a separate post, I promise!)

sewing a skirt for Easter;
or, more accurately, sewing a skirt for Easter, discovering that the style looks just horrible on me, cutting up that skirt plus the leftover fabric to make a different pattern--and being very thankful that I had enough leftover fabric to do so;

taking field trips to a screen-print shop with my Brownie and coming home with a souvenir t-shirt;

wondering where I can unload the dozen-or-so "paranormal vampire/witch romance" novels that I won in a basket at the school fair; (seriously, of the 20 or so books in this basket, there are maybe four that I will read)

joining the Food Revolution;

calling my computer-savvy neighbor when our mouse just up and died; adding "new mouse" to the shopping list;

discovering free podcasts and dusting off the ipod to upload more podcasts than I can ever listen to;


heading out to the garden to start the broccoli and other vegetables!

The kids are off tomorrow and the next few days; Bobby is off all next week.  Our spring-like weather has finally returned, so we're going to be enjoying the sunshine.


Meredith said...

You are one busy lady, but it sounds so interesting and fun. Where did you find those precious egg lanterns??

Have a wonderful EAster!!

Rhythm of the Home said...

Holy Moly Meg!!!! You are on a roll.

I love all of the projects, and I can't wait to see that sweater. Gorgeous color by the way.

Those books...yuk. I liked the twilight series, but it seems like every author out there is writing something similar.

Hugs, Jules

Amy said...

Amen to the food revolution. Zoe's cholesterol is getting tested now that she is five because there seems to be a growing cholesterol problem with school age children! I about feel over when the Dr. told me this!
Love that pillow case too! Just in time- I am getting ready to make one along with matching jammie pants as a birthday gift to my niece!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Wow -- sounds like you've been busy. I missed "The Revolution" last week, so I'm bound and determined to watch tomorrow night. Have a wonderful weekend.

stitching under oaks said...

you have been all sounds good, well except for the vampire/romance books...I'm with you...they aren't something I'd read either. Have a wonderful Easter weekend enjoying your family and the sunshine!

Larissa said...

So much greatness here Meg! Love the pillowcase and your tissue dispensers (with coordinating trim, no less!). And your shrug is AWESOME! love the color and i'm keeping my fingers crossed it looks great and you love it - and that mine looks okay on me - because this seed stitch is kicking my hiney. Have a wonderful week with your family and enjoy the beautiful weather!