Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keeping busy

I just love having a holiday deadline to work against. After floundering in January, I'm firing on all cylinders as I prepare for Valentine's day. In the midst of creating special Valentine gifts, I decided that we just had to have a holiday banner, so here it is.

This is based on the birthday banner in Alicia Paulson's book, Stitched in Time. The red and white gingham is still from that thrifted sheet, and I used a ribbon that I had in my stash.

Then I decided it was time to get down to business on the gifts. I have been spending some careful quality time with my exacto knife this week. First I had to cut out the design on the freezer paper.

Then iron the freezer paper to the shirt.
Have fun painting!

And add a special label--it's ribbon. I found this at the craft store on Monday, and I decided to add it to each shirt (even Bobby's--he's not getting a homemade shirt, but I want it to have a special touch).

I still have another shirt to do, so you'll have to wait for the final reveal.

Of course, if we keep having two hour delays like we did today, I'm really going to be feeling the pressure to get it all done.

The sun is out now, but it was a lovely surprise this morning. And the weather forecasters are already teasing about another potential storm this weekend, so we may have more snowy fun soon.


larissa said...

Meg, your banner is awesome! i would have never thought to use black but it's perfect - and makes the lettering look so sophisticated. The tees look great too - can't wait to see them all done.

My kiddos have been home for 6 days (friday through wednesday) and there will be a two hour delay tomorrow - all because of 9 inches of snow that fell on fri. we are all going a little stir crazy around here and needless to say no crafting is being done. i'll just live vicariously through you! Have a wonderful day.

Julia said...

Oh I love the stenciling on the shirt, I have never tired that.

And your banner is terrific!

stitching under oaks said...

love your new header. I've been wanting to make a banner...from Alicia's book. I love the gingham and the black lettering. And those t-shirts...can't wait to see them all done. I am amazed that you cut those letters out on by! enjoy the snow. I think we'll be getting some too this weekend.

Journeying Five said...

love the banner and can't wait to see what the tshirt turns out like!

Amy said...

I reaaaaalllly need to get on this frezer paper stencil train! Looks like fun!

Kristyn Knits said...

I so wanted to make a Val Day banner this year...I forced myself to put the fabric back this weekend on a road trip to JoAnn's. too many projects in progress! maybe next year.

GrandeMocha said...

How much for one of those shirts? I would LOVE one.