Friday, February 19, 2010

At the mercy of the computer...

My 365 project over on flickr is probably going to end up being "426" by the time the year is over. Several days have more than one picture because I either forgot where I left off or I typed the wrong date in the tag...and did you know that if you change a tag, it will change all your pictures with that tag? I couldn't understand why I had six pictures from February 15. Ugh. I will not let silly things like this frustrate me. I will continue to take pictures; tags be damned!

And blogger has been reversing the order of my pictures. They're all in a nice chronological order, and then they magically appear on the blog in reverse. I didn't want to tell the story in reverse, but moving the pictures around has become difficult lately. More silliness. So today we're going to go backwards. Rants over.

Caitlin has two birthday parties this weekend. These are "new" girls, meaning she hasn't been invited to their parties before, so neither has received a birthday bag from Caitlin. I have to take pictures of these things so I can keep track from year to year. It's getting difficult with the girls in the neighborhood, because she's invited to their parties every year. I have to keep mixing it up!

These girls are getting bags, a book inside (still have to buy one book), braided barrettes (thank you, Meredith for the idea), and a braided headband.

I found the how-to for these through Crunchy Peas. It really only takes maybe ten minutes to make. I think they're super cute. I do worry that they look a little "homemade" (and not in the good sense) because the ends of the fabric strips are a little frayed. I just ripped the fabric to make the strips, although I did press them before braiding. It is very satisfying to rip fabric!

Edited to add: Okay, here's a link to the headband tutorial right here.

Bobby's "coupon" for this month was to make a pillowcase with Mama. We went to the fabric store on Tuesday. He chose these flames for one side and the skull and crossbones for the other. I even let him work the sewing machine pedal while I "steered" the fabric. Honestly, that was hard for me. I do not share my toys well (or at all), but that's not fair to the kids, is it? If they see me having so much fun with the sewing machine, shouldn't I at least let them try it to see if it's something they'd like to do? Yes, yes I should. Deep breaths. Monthly hormonal swings do not help with the sharing. Anyway, he had a blast, and he loves sleeping on his pillowcase that he made.
And finally, earlier in the week I wore this color combo. I don't think it's anything I'd ever choose to put together by myself, but I ended up really liking it.

I got the idea from my socks!

I wish you all a happy weekend!


Dana - Old Red Barn Co. said...

love it all but especially those headbands. tutorial please??!!?? :)

Meredith said...

You have been so busy... LOVE the birthday bags so much, with the barrettes and headbands? Genius...

I wish you were my neighbor b/c you and I could make barrettes and headbands together! (And maybe we'd get decent snow if we were up there!!)

dodi said...

I, too, was having some of the very same "technical difficulties" and my prayers were answered when Robin (of The Robins Nest) posted this:

Outside of being a wonderful blogger, this post in particular changed my World for blogging and I cannot thank her enough. Hope it helps you too! Wait 'til you see how you input photos... (enter clapping hands!)

Love your clogs, btw! Sorry, I went right past those cute socks and thought "oh! I ♥ those clogs!!!!" lol! ☺

Larissa said...

google just trashed my comment - just testing.

Larissa said...

sorry for the above meg. you look so cute in the pink and blue - goes great with jeans. love that you let your guy sew his own pillowcase - you are a great mama. The girls will love those bags and your headbands look very chic. I laughed when i clicked on the link because i just found that blog the other night - she posted some great valentine's photos of her family that i wished i had taken of my guys - and i thought it was a great blog but i forgot to mark it. you know what they say about great minds....Have a wonderful weekend!

Heather said...

Those headbands are amazing, and what great bags that you put together.

The color combo really reminds of the joy of spring. Just beautiful

Kristyn Knits said...

I love your socks and your shoes! trying new things seems to fit you just fine.