Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ten Things I'm Loving

Yesterday, Amanda had a post about Ten Things she's loving right now. Not only did that post give me a serious case of baby itch, it also inspired me to think about what things I'm loving right now. Here goes!

1. These three boo-boos right here.

2. Holiday Baking. Especially "baking" that only requires you to put the kiss-topped pretzels in the oven for about five minutes before you take them out and top them with M&Ms. It doesn't get any easier!

3. Dreaming of a white Christmas. Now that I live up North, it's not a total pipe dream. I took this picture on Tuesday night. I love how the lights look through the snow.

4. My sewing machine. I have worked that poor thing to its breaking point this year. Today I sewed on the binding for the third and final quilt. Big sigh of relief.

5. The fact that my parents will be on their way up here this Sunday. Of course, I'm worried about the weather forecast (it's not looking good for travel), so it may be Monday before they get here, but they're coming! And I'm so excited!

6. Christmas card season means there's almost always fun mail.

7. Ditto for strange packages showing up at the door!

8. The fact that, right now, at this very moment (and probably not too much longer), the kids' hampers are empty and the clean clothes are folded and put away.

9. Yarn. I can't believe I only started knitting over the summer. It feels like it's something I've always done. I can't get over how magical it is that I can take some sticks and a ball of yarn and make something wearable.

10. Yesterday I wrote out a list of all the handmade gifts I've made for Christmas this year. I was surprised at how long it was! I admit, I went overboard this year, but I just got caught up in my own momentum. And I spent a hell of a lot less time at the mall and Target this year, so that part was awesome!
What are you loving right now?


John said...

TOO funny! -- your "holiday baking" item is a traditional treat in our house, too! my wife makes them -- we call them "pretzel treats" (original, huh?) -- and they are requested, nay demanded, by both sides of our family and my co-workers every year. in fact, she is upstairs making them RIGHT NOW for my office christmas party tomorrow!! : )

Meredith said...

Ooh, I'll have to make that post next week. It'll be fun to think about my list of things I love too!

Your sewing machine rocks...I love my coffee cozy and the gorgeous ornaments for the pay-it-forward. Viva your sewing machine!!