Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting into the spirit

This weekend, we bought and decorated our big-ass tree. That's really the only way to describe it--it's huge! The kids had fun decorating, which means I've finally accumulated enough non-breakable ornaments to keep them busy while Rob and I hang the breakables (or breakalie, as Caroline used to say). Now if we could just stop them from playing with the ornaments as they hang on the tree...I need to go move a couple of breakalies up higher!

And we got that Christmas card picture!
I finally got to put some buttons on Caroline's coat. They had all fallen off, and she'd been wearing this coat to school with no buttons on it! Now she'll be warm.

And I think I got this out of my system. I had wanted to make some fingerless mitts that would go with Erin's Rose Hill hat...I think I'm going to give up. I just love, love, love the bobbles on the bottom band, but it's huge--like the bottom of a sleeve huge. Since there's no ribbing, it doesn't close around the wrist. I could try making it smaller, but I'm ready to move on...maybe I'll come back to it eventually, but I was up early this morning thinking about knitting hats for the girls for Christmas.

Does anyone else do that? Lie awake in bed thinking of new projects? It was six a.m., and rather than sleep for another half-hour, I was thinking up a color scheme and wondering what I could use from my stash...
Now, on this very cold morning, I'm off to work on more projects. I only have two more packages to mail out--the postman and I got well acquainted on Friday afternoon. Then I'll probably be in the yarn store this afternoon instead of at Lowe's exchanging Christmas lights!

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Amy @ Park City Girl said...

I totally lie awake thinking of projects or the solutions for current ones! Cute picture of you little ones :)