Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do you see a Christmas card here?

Neither do I!

My friend Veronica surprised me yesterday with the first Christmas card of the season. I'm usually on top of this, and with Snapfish, I can have the cards in my house within a couple of days and mailed out within a week. But, good grief, it's not even December!

So, this morning, with everyone dressed for school and looking pretty good, I grabbed the Santa hats and told them to go stand in front of their stockings. (See--I do have the hallway decorated and the stockings hung! I'm not totally losing it.) I subscribe to the stealth theory of photography. That is, slap a hat on the kids and shoot the picture before they know what's happening. I've learned the hard way that going to the trouble of getting them dressed up and posed just does not work! Sorry, Sears, but we're done!

And you can see the results. Caroline was really not into it--can you tell? And Caitlin and Bobby are obviously yelling "cheese" or whatever I told them to say.

Since it's not even December yet, I have a little more time to get a suitable picture. Wish me luck.

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