Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Christmas bug

It's starting to bite. I'm getting the urge to Christmas shop. It never strikes this early...Rob has been feeling it too. Here's the funny part: we actually bought Christmas gifts today. For the children. While the children were with us. I have a very strong feeling they're going to figure us out soon. After all, all those gifts can't be for their cousins--and as Bobby told us, Alex already has Lincoln Logs. It was pretty funny. I hope they forget in six weeks' time.

We saw Bee Movie today. I'd give it a B, I guess. Better than Shrek 3. I'm looking forward to taking the girls to Enchanted in a couple of weeks.

Time to go watch Heroes. We got Season one on DVD, and I'm loving it. We watched three episodes on Friday night, and if it hadn't been so late, I could have watched more.

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