Thursday, June 21, 2007

And so it begins...

Actually, this is my second attempt at a website/blog, only maybe this time I'll finally publish it! Now that I've started typing, my two youngest have returned from upstairs, so I'll probably have to quit soon.

About the title of the blog, it's an expression I borrowed from my younger daughter, Caitlin. She often makes pronouncements, and once recently she said, "it's a lucky duck day, Mommy!" So there you have it.

I'm almost finished with my coffee, which means we'll have to get to the gym soon. On Tuesday, I dragged my feet on the whole coffee/gym thing, and we ended up in the ER to have my son's hand glued shut. (He's fine, but now we know that metal tape measures are not toys!)

I've often debated whether to blog--it's sort of like having your diary out there for all to read, and frankly, I'm not that interesting. But then, it's also like a one-sided phone conversation, and if anyone cares to listen, here it is. (Again, be warned about the "not that interesting" part.) I hope you'll visit often and leave comments, too. Now my washing machine is beeping at me and Caitlin is requesting that I type various words into the computer, so perhaps it's best if I sign off for now.

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