Monday, February 29, 2016

What I'm Into: February 2016

Linking up with Leigh again!  February is the shortest month, but it so often feels like the longest.  Cold short days over and over really take a toll on my mood, but this year? Not so much!  We have had a couple of glorious Sundays where the temperature has topped 60 degrees.  And now, even if we get hit with another blizzard, we are at that point in the year when the meteorologists will say that the snow won't stay on the ground long due to the angle of the sun.  And that sun--it's hanging around longer, I am noticing!  All good signs.  I try my hardest not to complain about winter (or any other season, for that matter), because I know that it too, shall pass, and life is too short to spend complaining about one-fourth of the year.

So, what have I been into this brief February?  Let's see:

Reading:  I started another course.  This time it was on A Room With a View.  I ran out of steam by the final week.  I enjoyed taking these two courses, but I'm going to give this a rest for March.  In other reading news, I am on my third book in the Inspector Gamache series, and I'm a fan!

Watching: Oh, Downton, only one more week!  What shall I do without you?  Please give everyone a happy ending!  Maybe some designer will bring back Downton-style hats.  Nobody wears hats anymore, and the Downton ones have all been so great throughout the series.

Cooking:  Last month I was trying to get us on a soup kick.  Some of us are still observing weekly soup--the rest of us are not.  During Lent, our church has soup supper and a vespers service on Wednesday nights, so those of us who can make it go for soup and the service.  I can tell that a winter of stick-to-your-ribs comfort food is starting to stick to my waistline.  As the days get longer, I'm going to look through the archives and start preparing some lighter fare.

Shoveling: none!  Well, there was one ice storm that we tried to shovel out from, but it really couldn't be done.  Since the temperature soared into the 50s the next day, we really just had to wait it out.  I am happy to report that there is no lingering snow in the yard!

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Victoria said...

Stopping by for the link up and I love your list!!!!

I am STOKED to meet another EdXer!!! I didn't do "A Room With A View", but I did take part in Jane Eyre! Did you do that one??? Are you going to sign up again sometime? I have a low commitment book club on GoodReads if you'd be interested. Let me know!!!! Basically, we pick one book to read each month and then read and discuss it at our own pace. I post several threads to help lead the discussion and people come back to chat about where they're at. You can choose to take part on a month by month basis. :)

Season 4 was my FAVORITE! I'm sad that it's over...but excited for what might be next!!! You never know...:)

When I was growing up, we went to a church that had weekly soup suppers during Lent. It's a tradition sooo few churches keep, but I LOVED that season! The church I go to now has a fellowship meal once a month or so along with celebration feasts every now and then. I don't really know what they call them, but an example is that we're having a breakfast on Easter morning.

Yay for noooo more shoveling!!!!