Monday, June 3, 2013

2013 Goals: The May Update

Oh, those goals!  There's always room for improvement.

Fitness:  Gym attendance was about where it has been, although I'm adjusting my attitude about trying new machines in the fitness center.  The elliptical may be my favorite way to get sweaty, but it's not the only way. Now that the Saturday morning activities are starting to wind down, I'd like to go to the Saturday morning yoga class at least once during June.  I think I'm also going to add a longer morning walk with the dog once the kids are out of school.

Crafty:  I really didn't have a craft-related goal for this year.  Crafting came to a screaming halt once Honey joined our family, but I miss the process of making.  This month I am making a costume dress for Caroline.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew. And because creative activities have a way of spawning other activities, I also have a quilt in mind to make, and we are considering fabric for curtains in our freshly-painted sunroom.

Reading:  Still reading, still blurbing.  I'll share my latest reads here mid-month.  Last month I did add a new page at the top of the blog where I am listing all the titles I've read so far.

Cooking:  Last month I had one of those weeks where every meal was from a magazine.  The kids do not love it when I do that--they can only go so many nights before they're looking for something more kid-menu-like.  It's feast or famine around here!  Here are the recipes:  Pan-roasted chicken with carrots and almonds (from Bon Appetit--this one is going into the rotation), Minted Chicken with Asparagus, Shrimp tacos with lime slaw, and sizzling steak with lime basil sauce.  The two chicken dishes were the winners.  The shrimp tacos needed something else to flesh them out, and the steak dish was okay.

We have two and half more weeks of school left.  At this point, it's mostly field trips and field days.  The kids have just about lost focus on academics.  I have ordered up several books for summer reading for the kids.  I'll share that in my next reading post.

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