Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kitchen Upgrade

I think this really all began in November.  We had a leaky faucet in the kitchen that we replaced.
By early January, we were picking out granite.  Then we painted and went to the tile store.

 We decided under-cabinet lights would be awesome, and they would also allow me to see as I stand at the stove and squint at the cookbook.
The stove was delivered today.  And now I can say that I absolutely love my kitchen!  Come over for dinner, won't you?


stitching under oaks said...

looks great! I like the back splash and the tile you chose. What time is dinner?!

Larissa said...

Good thing the faucet started leaking! Your kitchen looks great. Love the stone backsplash tile. I'd love to come over for dinner too!

Imene said...

I love it!! we redid a bathroom not long ago and it all started with two broken tiles ;-)