Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013--because I can't think of a better title

I'm a wee bit grumpy right now.  I can't seem to upload any pictures to the blog.  Serves me right for taking off the better part of December, I guess.  Seriously, though, my phone used to magically talk to Blogger--all my phone's pictures would already be there for me to select.  And now?  Nothing.
Let's move on, shall we?
The Blogosphere has been full of reflections and resolutions, of mantras and of words-of-the-year.  I do not have a word for the year, but I do have some good ideas to work toward.  I have to thank Anne from Modern Mrs. Darcy for her post today.  It really helped me give a structure to my ideas.  Plus I may have borrowed a couple of her ideas, but I'm giving credit to the source!
The Goals for 2013:
Be here more often.  Like at least once a week.  Maybe give this blog a direction.  It's kinda all over the place...when I'm here, that is.
The family joined the Y last month.  I would like to be there at least twice a week doing something.  Back in November, I fell in the driveway and landed on my back, and it has taken me just about a month to feel back to normal, so I'm not in any rush to get crazy at the gym.  I just want to be moving around more than I have been.
And that not-so-little puppy needs her exercise, too!  I am the primary walker-of-the-dog.  Honey and I go out for our evening constitutional (I get such a kick out of saying that--with a British accent, of course) most nights after supper.  Weather depending, now that we're into winter.  (That fall in the driveway was a snow- and puppy-related incident.)  So, keeping up with the walks is the goal.
For the last few years, I have kept a Moleskine notebook just for me to write down books I'm interested in and books I've read.  My goal for this year is to expand my "what I've read" list beyond just the title and author.  I want to include a short blurb--favorite character or scene, whether I liked it or not--something to help me remember the book a little better. 
At Home
Take more pictures.  Preferably with an actual camera, but the phone camera will do (if I can figure out how to upload them to the computer).
Print out the pictures!  This is one of those goals that I am borrowing from Anne.  Most Decembers, I find myself scrounging to put together a photo calendar because I go for months without uploading pictures.  If I print them, they will get put into albums.  And the kids really do love to look at the pictures.
Plan the weekends a little better.  Make a dreamy/practical list (another great idea from Mary Beth at Salt and Chocolate) for each weekend. 
In the Kitchen
Try one new recipe per month.
Let the little ones help, if they want.  Especially if I'm baking.  I tend to want to do all the baking by myself, but I know I'm wasting opportunities with the kids when I shoo them away. 

So there they are.  Nothing too onerous, and I daresay most of them will be fun.  I'll see you back here real soon.  With pictures.

Happy New Year.

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Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy said...

The month is almost over I'm wondering how these goals are working out for you and if you feel like they're still good ones? I hope so!

(I especially like "try one new recipe a month.")