Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back to Summer

This has been a typical summer week.  There were trips to the library.  As you can see I am still on a mystery binge.

There was crochet.  There was also knitting, but I'm lucky to get in a round or two a day.  It's my TV knitting, and there wasn't a lot of TV this week--at least for me there wasn't.  The kids are up to date on all the Disney/Nickelodeon shows, of course.

I got outside with my garden clippers and brought some pretty blooms inside.  Our hydrangea has finally (after five years) decided to bloom.  Maybe it was the plant-tone...

 Last night, there was homemade spaghetti.  It's worth all the flour mess.

And now, it's time to menu plan for the upcoming week!
What did your summer week look like?

1 comment:

Larissa said...

Your pasta looks so yummy! I need to make some soon. An air popper just takes 3 minutes - no mess, no clean up at all and no preservatives in your food. You will make popcorn everyday. The organic popcorn also makes a huge difference and you get enough for 5 months with the amazon order so it's not that expensive. I've heard good things about the dinner a love story book - need to check it out. Have a great week!