Friday, July 30, 2010

This week...

Pleasant surprise: I was able to re-connect with a blog friend.  Not-so-pleasant: I have had my patience tested.  And tested.  I am constantly reminding myself that being the grown-up means acting like the grown-up--not like a bigger kid.

Pleasant: Multiple knitting projects!  Not-so: close deadlines (a.k.a. birthdays)

Pleasant: watching the light dance across the front of the house.  Not so much: discovering some deferred maintenance that needs to be resolved.

Pleasant: knitting sweater fronts at the same time.  Not so much: must pay careful attention; can't travel with this one (but this is what multiple projects are for--one to travel with!)

Pleasant: sunflowers.  It's all good around here.

Pleasant: planting broccoli for fall harvest.  Not so much: watering them daily

Pleasant: surprises on the memory card when uploading pictures!

We're going away for the weekend--a quick, semi-distant trip.  When we get back, it will be August.  And school starts August 30.  Time for this mama to re-boot the summer and stop all the fighting!


Meredith said...

We start school in two weeks. Where has the summer gone??

Hope you have lots more pleasant than not pleasant!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I like how you did this -- the good and bad. It puts things in perspective. Hang in their with the kids (I know you will!) -- some days it seems like all my kids and I do is fight. And guess what? It's a never-ending battle and the mom never wins. Someday, I'll learn. Enjoy your trip -- yikes, it is almost August.

Larissa said...

How cool that you are knitting the minimalist cardi. I was just looking at it but decided to wait because i don't find knitting moss stitch all that pleasant myself. But i totally think it would make the perfect everyday cardi. And i love the color you chose. Your sunflowers are gorgeous. Watering is why i am a wonderful planter in the spring but a terrible gardener throughout the sweltering summer.

Great capture of your girly - she may need a blog of her own soon! Have a fun weekend away. We start school on sept 7 but i'm in no hurry because i'm not sure how i'm going to handle driving ezra to the bus stop at 7:05 (his school begins at 7:30).

Have a great weekend!

dodi said...

This summer has passed by so quickly, hasn't it?!?!? Before you know it, the quiet will overtake your house, and you'll be wishing for a little bickering for company.

Just remember, it's all healthy! I find a glass of wine is very "cheap therapy" for my nerves being jangled from kids that can't work it out all the time. :)

stitching under oaks said...

great post Meg. Summer is flying by so quickly. Kristyn and her family were here visiting last week...they've gone home now and I'm so sad. Pleasant: the visit with friends Not so: having to say good-bye (for now) Hope your trip is a good one.

Imene said...

I was reminded this morning that summer is almost to an end and that this year unlike the past ones we need to get someone ready for school.
Backpacks, glue, crayons and all...Where did summer go?

Kristyn Knits said...

I love how you have more "pleasants" than "not so pleasants" in your list. I think what we set our minds on determines our course...looks like yours will be pleasant! is that a set of dashing in the works? I'm knitting them too! hope your weekend was wonderful!